The Pansy King (currently Oliver Cooke) is the king of all liberal pansy scum.
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Don't tell me you haven't got a pen!

*He* (because liberals hate women) has full control over Liberal dogma, propoganda, tuberculosis and everything else ending with 7. Another aspect of his evil jewish controlling nature is his command of the Liberal Army: A bunch of unpatriotic twats who fight for 'liberty' rather than their country... Utter tossers.

Pansy King Oliver is the current head of the Communist Empire, a large collection of states rivaling Die Third Reich and The Kingdom of Canada. This empire has a manifesto based around, you guessed it, communism and it is widely known that Oliver considers Lenin and Marx to be his lifelong heroes (despite them being fictional characters.)

The achievements of King Oliver.Edit

  • Nuking the shit out of the Falklands.
  • Killing Arch-dutchess Francisco Ferdinando of Austria-Hungry Hungary.
  • Declaring War on Belgium Prime (and later the whole of Die Third Reich.)
  • Failing to secure the UK into the Communist Empire. (The UK is still neutral, and controlled by UKIP.)
  • Being a total dick.
  • Failing to stop Kim Jong Uno from relaunching Die Third Reich into The Fourth Reich (who also added Korea. Ukraine and Japan into it.)
  • Eating Australia.
  • Marrying the corpse of Stalin.

Previous Pansy KingsEdit

  • Tony Blair (Deceased)
  • Gordon Brown (Deceased)
  • Brian Blessed (Stepped down to pursue a career in acting.)
  • David Cameron (Secret double agent for Die Third Reich - Was killed by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.)